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Olby’s Creative Hub & Powder Mill Productions have come together to develop a flexible creative recording and streaming environment drawing on the over 30 years of music industry experience and expertise shared by the team at the helm of this incredible space.

Our aim is to encourage creatives at any stage of their journey to work at the highest level achievable in a relaxed environment with tools that nurture the growth, imagination and development of their art, whether in music, film, ambisonics, storytelling or podcasting.

Located in the basement footprint of Margate’s famous Dug Out we have flexible spaces that can deliver high-end audio and video productions which, include Dolby Atmos/Stereo Recording Suite, Radio Broadcast/Podcast Suite & Video Edit Suite,

Located just a 15-minute walk from the train station and nestled in the hub of vintage Margate Oldtown, surrounded by calming harbour views and Turner Contemporary. This makes an ideal getaway location that naturally invigorates your mind, body & soul, inspiring creativity and thought.



Our main studio live room or large venue stage is available to book for band or performance rehearsals of all types. We can offer you the full PA production facilities, monitors only or a simple stereo multi-channel practice set-up for your projects. Booked in 3-hour blocks you can also add a stereo recording of your session for reference.

Practice Bass & Guitar cabs are available alongside our 5-piece Sonor Ascent drum kit, bring your breakables. Sessions start at £15.00 per hour

Dolby Atmos FOR MUSIC & FILM

Alongside our array of analogue and digital stereo recording equipment, we are excited to have installed our Dolby-certified Atmos suite, 7.1.4 for immersive audio using Davinci Resolves Fairlight software as well as ProTools and Logic Pro DAWs, enabling us to deliver industry-standard mixes to all music and film streaming platforms.

We designed our Atmos Immersive suite to the highest standards with Dolby, Black Magic Design and PMC speaker technicians providing consultation on all dimensions of our space, making it the perfect listening and mixing environment for your work.

PMC’s Result6 – Active monitors cover left, centre and right main channels, discrete wafers for the surround and heights, and two sub2 subwoofers fulfilling the LFE.

recording, MIXING & mastering

Our analogue recording and mastering chain is the ideal solution for creating rich and exciting pieces of work. We have an array of outboard equipment available to create an extra level of dimension to your music. We can record up to 24 tracks through our Trident 68 console to Pro Tools and encourage bands to record ‘live’ while maintaining the separation of instruments and amps for mixing. Our comprehensive mic collection includes tube, ribbon and classic condenser mics, allowing us to complement any kind of vocal or instrumental delivery.

We have an array of stereo and surround sound plugins to suit the needs of the most demanding mix or utilise our racks of hardware to get that natural warm unique sound for your work.

Whether using the latest digital audio software or our Tascam 24-track 2-inch analogue tape machine, we have the flexibility and workflow to suit your needs.

Our philosophy is Atmos first when working with developing your work, we want all creatives to have access to the very best technology to compete to the highest standards in a digital world.


Deciding to start your journey into the world of  podcasting is one of the most exciting things you can do and here at Olby’s we want you to have the best tools available to ensure you can compete with the very best. Whether you choose to start on our platform Olbys.TV or leap had first into iTunes podcasting can be one of the most exhilarating ways to channel your passion, your life experiences or even yourself in to the infinite digital world.

filming & editing

The team here who head up our film and editing facilities are a young dynamic trio of individuals who are passionate about supporting creatives to tell their stories they are committed to making sure everyone can tell their story, no matter who they are or their background. Coupled with our tech Olby’s Visual have the facilities, capabilities and knowledge along with the passion to bring your stories to life.


Creating soundscapes for film or recording abstract performances in unusual spaces, we have the kit and team to work with you to capture your ideas. We work alongside acclaimed score composers and musicians including Michael J McEvoy and Matt Ward to develop a bespoke soundtrack for your work.

DOLBY ATMOS PLUS 7.1.4 Surround coupled with the intuitive workflow of Black Magic Designs Davinci Resolve software, means you are ready to create deliverables for all streaming platforms, including Netflix.

Our visual team are ready to work with you to facilitate your filming, editing, brand development, electronic press kits, colouring or live-streaming needs. Our streaming facilities include up to eight cameras for live streaming or post-edited for later release to your audience on Olbys.TV or the platform of your choice.

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