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Price: £45.00
24.05.24 - 27.05.24
8.00pm - 12.00am

margate mod & sixties weekender

It will be sixty years ago next Whitsun bank holiday that Margate was invaded by Mods and Rockers and made the headlines. Our venue Olby’s was a club called the DUGOUT in 1964.
Headlines like ‘Wild Ones beat up Margate’, The local judge Dr George Simpson dished out hefty fines and punishments for minor incidents (when you compare today’s hideous crimes) meant that the scene was set for future clashes with every thug knowing exactly where to get his kicks the next bank holiday. By now the originators had seen enough and became sharp blokes or ladies distancing themselves from the crowd, as no self-respecting Mod would want to ruin his clobber.

Our annual event every Whitsun started in 2015 under the Great British Music Culture banner.
After a decade or more in decline the fortunes of Margate were starting to turn around thanks to people like Eli Thompson from the Westcoast CIC/Olby’s who teamed up with renowned Modernist promoters the New Untouchables to deliver this exciting event.
The old town is where the weekend’s festivities take place.

Like Brighton, Margate has a long association with the Mod scene starting way before those headline grabbing days. Continuing the end of the last century thanks to the Mod revival of the late seventies and early eighties Margate has a strong local scene with clubs and scooter runs.
Local shops Thanet Area scooters and Rat Race clothing service the local scene.

GBMC have put together a program that will be sure to thrill you over the Whitsun weekend.
Over three evenings and two daytime events we have stellar program of live acts, DJ’s, scooter run and show, market & record fair.

Our welcome DJ party MARGATE GOT SOUL kicks of the weekend on Friday night.

Saturday night we welcome GALILEO 7 from Medway including Allan Crockford from The Prisoners who will perform tracks from new album YOU, ME & REALITY.
The superb Baron Four will also perform songs from their brand-new album OUTLYING late afternoon.

Sunday’s all-dayer features Medway legend WILD BILLY CHILDISH & CTMF with his son’s band THE SHADRACKS supporting.

Our DJ team are from all over the UK will be spinning the hottest Mod and Sixties club sounds on original 45’s for your dancing pleasure.

All events are at Olby’s Music Room.

Our delicious kitchen is open all weekend and serves the best Sunday roast in East Kent.

For the full program and tickets go