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STATE OF THE art technology and flexible space - CREATE AT OLBY’S

Olby’s Creative Hub & Powder Mill Productions have come together to develop a flexible creative recording and streaming environment drawing on the over 30 years of music industry experience and expertise shared by the team at the helm of this incredible space.

Our aim is to encourage creatives at any stage of their journey to work at the highest level achievable in a relaxed environment with tools that nurture the growth, imagination and development of their art, whether in music, film, ambisonics, storytelling or podcasting.

Dolby Atmos

Alongside our array of analogue and digital stereo recording equipment, we are excited to have installed one of the UK’s only Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 Immersive Audio suites enabling us to deliver industry standard mixes to all music and film streaming platforms.


our services

Whether using the latest digital audio software or our Tascam 24 track 2 inch analogue tape machine, we have the flexibility and workflow to suit your needs.

We have an array of plugins to suit the needs of the most demanding mix or utilise our racks of hardware to get a natural hands-on feel for your work.

Our visual team are ready to work with you to facilitate your streaming needs with up to eight cameras. We can pre-record and edit for release or live stream to your audience on Olbys.TV or the platform of your choice.

Creating soundscapes for film or recording abstract performances in unusual spaces, we have the kit and team to work with you to capture your ideas.

Our philosophy is Atmos first when working with developing your work, we want all creatives to have access to the very best technology to compete to the highest standards in a digital world.

DOLBY ATMOS PLUS 7.1.4 Surround coupled with the intuitive workflow of Black Magic Designs Davinci Resolve software, means you are ready to create deliverables for all streaming platforms, including Netflix.

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